How to create a vlog- A complete guide for beginner

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how to create a vlog

Vlogging has become the most powerful tool to reach your audience without any doubt. In this article, we are going to discuss about how to create a vlog? So in this blog there will be complete basics and the beginner’s guide to vlogging. And also some important information that you guys should know about when you’re starting on your vlogging journey.

Vlogging is basically kind of an important part of the YouTube culture and it’s actually expanded beyond YouTube. A lot of people just in general are vlogging to connect with their audience. Vlogs are also an important part of businesses nowadays. It’s an important part of your brand so to connect with your audiences.

 If vlogs allow you to step into your world and give your audience a kind of behind-the-scenes, look at you and your life now.

With that said not everyone’s going to be vlogging and doing the whole daily vlogging thing.  I think that’s a little bit crazy because it’s so much work to do a vlog every day unless you are a specific daily vlogger.  I’ve had a lot of people recently ask me about how to vlog and how to create engaging vlogs?

So that’s why I’m putting this article together to help my friends out and to help all of you out.

 So that you can create better content.

Whats main gear do you need in vlogging?

Camera and equipment:

Okay, let’s get into the gear that is the first section of the tools these are the things that you need to create your vlog.  And it’s very core you just need a camera. Because if you can tell a compelling story or give someone some insight into you as a person. It doesn’t matter the tools you’re doing it with.

However, you’re going to want to progress you’re going to want to get better tools. You’re going to go on and get better cameras, microphones. All that as you get more and more into vlogging so the essentials are a camera and beyond a camera a stick or a tripod to hold the camera and a microphone to capture better audio at the very basic.

That is the vlogger’s setup and that is the essentials that you need now personally depending on the situation. I’ve had different variations of this, sometimes I just use a camera by itself. But that’s just because of the situation that I’m in so one camera that’s really good for vlogging is the GoPro.

The following steps or queries can be very beneficial for you to create nice vlog.

    • Find  your target audience
    • Find an appropriate niche
    • Looking for some vlogging inspiration ideas
    • Well researched on your niche in various video channel platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
    • Creating a profile on Youtube channel and marketing or branding this channel.
    • Purchase a professional vlogging camera, Microphone,  lighting, and other gear. 
    • Making an outline of your project. 
    • Roll- camera- action!!!
    • Edit the raw video footage with pro video editing software.
    • Optimize the contents (Eye-catching titles, Youtube SEO, and thumbnails.)
    • Upload and Publish the vlog. 
    • Engage with your audience through a reply to the comments gently. 
    • Invite the audience through social media accounts. 
    • Use the analytics to improve your vlogging channel.
    • The last important steps are to keep or stay patience whatever your channel growth is.  


How to edit a vlog. Start here. 

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