How to set up a tripod? A tribute to beginner.

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How to set up a tripod

Hello guys, today we are going to learn how to set up a tripod for a camera?

We all know that when we go for photography or videography sometimes we need to hold the camera in a stand. We can not hold the camera by hand all day long. And in some photographic and videographic situations we must need a tripod for taking various perspectives. As we say sometimes we need to take slow shutter speed for long exposure or fast moving subjects in sports, in that situation a tripod plays a vital role. 


Sometimes you may think that carrying a tripod along with you the whole day long is typically tough. But nowadays manufacturer company’s make very lightweight tripods for vloggers, YouTuber and content researchers. 

I have written an article on the best travel lightweight tripod for vloggers. 


Now we will talk about how to set up a tripod?

The steps of set up a tripod:

  • Measure your expecting height
  • Unlock the tripod’s legs
  • Extend the legs and lock it
  • Fixed the tripod on surface or ground
  • Make the tripod level and adjustment
  • Attach your camera with quick release plate
  • Set your camera on the tripod head
  • Make sure your camera is tidally locked

Now let’s talk about the steps in detail.

Measure your expecting height

At first, you need to assume the height of the tripod for taking a shot. It depends on your subject and the focal length of the camera. You don’t need to be perfect, just guess it and let’s start. 

Unlock the legs of the tripod

unlock the tripod leg

The next step is you have to unlock the tripod legs. It is so simple, just push the hook behind it. 

Extend the legs and lock it

extend the tripod leg

After unlocking the tripod legs you have to now extend the tripod legs. To extend the tripod legs release each leg to the height you need. The better way is to extend all the legs to the same length.  After extending the tripod legs at your desiring height then lock it by pressing it. 

Fixed the tripod on surface or ground

set the tripod stand

Now keep the tripod on a plane surface or ground to take a steady shot. Sometimes it may not be a plane surface but you have to keep the maximum effort to steady the camera. You can keep the camera bag to balance it.

Attach your camera with quick release plate

quick release plate

The next step is to take the quick release plate from the tripod stand and attach it with the camera. It is so easy that you have to just connect it with the camera and screw it until it is fully locked.  

Set your camera on the tripod head

Now install your camera on the tripod head. After attaching it with a quick-release plate you have to install the quick release plate into the camera head.

Make sure your camera is tidally locked

After successfully connecting the quick-release plate into the tripod head, you have to check it so carefully that your camera is tidally locked. If it is not properly locked with the head it can be an accident anytime and damage your favorite camera. So make sure that your camera is fully locked with a tripod head. 

Make the tripod level and adjustment

level the camera

Now you have to make the tripod level for taking the shots. You can make the tripod and adjustment at your desiring position. There are two ways of leveling the tripod, one is the

 “L” bracket and another is the standard bracket. Most of the shots you can take by L bracket. It takes the image vertically. And with a standard bracket, you can shoot horizontally.  

Finally: Many people think that it is so easy to set up a camera tripod. But it is not as easy as you think. A wrong setup can be a great loss.  Sometimes it may be the cause of breaking your lovely camera. So you have to have good knowledge about it. I have also faced problems with setting up a tripod when I began my career. But if you know the proper setting for a tripod, then it is very easy for you to set up the tripod in different kinds of situations for taking different kinds of shoots.

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